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Ellensburg Dentist

Ellensburg dentist

What to Expect

Our new patient appointment is unlike anything most patients have ever experienced.  After you are greeted by our wonderful staff and Patient Care Coordinator, you will be taken into our consult room where we will take the time getting to know you and learn more about your goals and desires for dental treatment.

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Anatomy of
a dental checkup

We will give you a reason to smile



We review many aspects of your health. Early detection of oral abnormalities saves millions of dollars and lives every year.


Hygienic Office

Not every oral health issue is readily apparent to the naked eye. We use X-rays and other technologies to see below the surface.



After the deposits are removed from your teeth, our fluoridated polishing paste leaves you with an ultra-smooth, shiny smile.

Since certain medical conditions can influence your treatment plan, you will be asked to list your medications and their dosages (including vitamins and supplements).

When you are done, we will take you to your exam room, which has beautiful views of the lake and abundant wildlife.  You will meet one of our amazing hygienists and have an in depth conversation about your periodontal health.  We will perform a comprehensive head and neck exam that may include x-rays and a non-invasive oral cancer screening.

We want you to know we will go above and beyond to make you feel relaxed and safe.  Not only is your physical comfort important to us, but your emotional well-being is too.

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Monday – Friday  8am – 4:30pm