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Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease is also known as an advanced form of gum disease, and it can wreak a lot of havoc on your smile! This condition is very common in today’s society (over 80% of people have it) and many have no idea that they do. Fortunately, the team at Pearl Care Dental thoroughly checks for periodontal disease at every exam, which is a great reason to never skip preventive dentistry appointments. We provide periodontal therapy at our Ellensburg, WA dentist office, and we encourage people who think that they may have gum disease or periodontal disease to call us today to schedule an appointment for periodontal therapy.

Why is Periodontal Disease Bad?

While gum disease simply affects the gums, periodontal disease begins to develop when bacteria that naturally occur in the mouth start to actively decay the connective tissues between the teeth and gums. This results in loosened teeth, or even teeth that fall out!

Signs of periodontal disease include:

If the team at Pearl Care Dental finds these symptoms during a checkup, we can immediately respond with periodontal therapy. Thanks to the many technologies in our office, as well as the education and training of our Ellensburg dentists, we have streamlined our periodontal therapy. With ultrasonic scalers and lasers, we can carefully and effectively remove diseased gum tissues, reduce and eliminate the presence of bacteria in the gums, and keep your smile looking bright. We can also use ozone therapy to enhance this technique to further reinforce the strength of your teeth and gums. By partnering with Pearl Care Dental, you can keep your periodontal problems in check!

Call today to schedule an appointment at Pearl Care Dental. Our Ellensburg, WA team prioritizes the needs of all of our patients. If this will be your first exam at Pearl Care Dental, please take a look at our new patients page for helpful information.

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