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Headache Prevention

Do migraine headaches rule your life? Do you wake with sore jaws, teeth, and facial muscles?

The solution to your problem may be the NTI-tss, a small plastic dental device that you wear at night to prevent the grinding and clenching of your teeth. Invented by a dentist who suffered from migraines, the NTI-tss device is the only non-drug, non-surgical method of migraine prevention approved by the FDA.

We will custom fit the NTI-tss device to slip snugly over your front teeth. Don’t worry—it’s too secure to fall out. The device prevents contact between your back teeth as you sleep. Because you can’t grind or clench your teeth, you won’t awaken with that tense feeling in your jaw and facial muscles.

You’re likely to get fewer migraines, too. Eighty-two percent of NTI-tss device users report a reduction in their headaches.

If migraine headaches upset your work and personal plans, call our Ellensburg dental office. We’ll explain more about the NTI-tss suppression device.

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